RODE VideoMic Pro Plus | Is it for YOU?

The new RODE VideoMic Pro Plus has some really cool upgrades.
The mic is fitted to both a Canon 80D and also a Sony RX10 and in this video I look at the new features but consider closely some of the issues raised by recent reviewers. This shotgun mic is setup on a boom for a lot of the dialogue and setup on the camera as you would use in the field.
VideoMic Pro Plus Amazon Link:

This video will make it very easy to decide if this new mic is for you. See time codes below:

The Build Quality: 1:06
Cable Socket: 1:55
Wind Screen: 2:50
Feature Upgrades: 3:14
Safety Track Explained: 4:52
Audio Testing and Quality: 6:41
Sony / Cannon input difference: 8:01
Audio Quality Summary: 9:40
Value for money: 10:33
Is it for YOU?: 11:26

Other microphone options:
VideoMic Pro R $249:
VideoMicro $59:
TAKSTAR SGC-598 $27:

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