Rode Wireless Pro | Setting up, and is it for you?

This video shows you how to set up the wireless pro to take advantage of its new timecode and 32 bit float recording features. I also help you work out how the wireless pro compares to the wireless go 2 and if it is really worth upgrading.

The Rode Wireless Pro now has timecode and 32 bit float recording. In this video explain and show you how to set up Rode Central to use these features and help you work out if this gear is for you.

Link to Rode Wireless Pro:

Zoom H5: Connecting Lav Mics | Adapters and Settings

Each input of the Zoom H5 has to be configured differently when connecting lav mics. In this tutorial I step you through each of the settings you need and explain why some adapters can destroy your expensive lav mics.

Zoom H5 Recorder:
Stereo Input Splitter Cable:
Rode VXLR+ Adapter:
Standard XLR to 3.5mm Adapter:

The tiny wireless mic that simply works | SmallRig Wave W1-C

Wireless mics today have so many functions and settings. Get them wrong and your audio recording can be very disappointing. SmallRig sent me this plug and play mic to review and I was quite surprised by its performance.
I highlight the features of each component, carry out a distance tests and even test it out in the car. If you have any questions, please type them in the comments section.
Other equipment I use:

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