There is a lot of tools you can purchase to assist in making then testing audio equipment but what really is needed for the enthusiast? The list below is an outline of the basic equipment you would need to do basic installations. You can purchase so many variations of these items but with any of these items remember that you get what you pay for.  If you purchase poor quality tools they will give you poor service. The best advice is to select quality tools and then shop around for the best price or wait until they go on special.

Safety Clothing:

Construction Site

Construction Site

Safety Boots
Safety Glasses
Ear Protection
Reflective vest or clothing (if working on construction site)
Long trousers
(Leather gloves for carrying- optional)

General Tools
“Stanley” type knife
Soldering Iron
Tool carrier

Other suggested items for installation projects

6 or 8 foot ladder
Battery Drill
Drill bits and screwdriver bits
Torch or Headlight

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