Installation- CV

Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling Speakers

Constant Voltage Systems

The installation of production sound equipment is best performed by trained personnel with experience in determining the needs of the venue. For small installations including 70/ 100 volt ceiling speakers and mixer/ amplifiers that are not impacted by legal restrictions and the need for licensed riggers, an enthusiast can easily setup and tune a basic sound system.

Installation tips

Check out these audio tips to assist you to plan, calculate, purchase and then install the equipment in a small hall that seats around 200 to 300 people. Bare I mind that these tips are only a guide and we recommend carefully following the instructions that come with the equipment you purchase.

Be sure to check the local requirements if there is a need to do work in the ceiling or install cables in walls etc.

Safety Considerations

Safety first

Safety first

As with any installation work, safety should of primary concern. Local authorities have legislation in place that requires all workers to work within guidelines. Check with your local government as to what is required when working on ladders and elevated platforms. Any work that requires the use of soldering irons and other power tools should be carried out in a way to minimize the risk of injury. Safety glasses and hearing protection are always recommended.

WARNING- Line power: All installation of mains or line power must be carried out by a licensed electrician.
The mains power to the desk should be isolated by means of a switch and a neon indicator light. This switch should be easily accessible (most times on the wall). On the desktop there should be at least one permanent power general power outlet (GPO) for a charger. Inside the cabinet, for the rack or shelf components, there should be at least two GPOs connected to the isolated circuit. The sound equipment and phone line should have surge protection in place.

WARNING- Telephone: All installation of phone lines and outlets must be carried out by a licensed phone technician.

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