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RODELink- What makes it different?

Is the RODELink filmmaker kit any different from other wireless microphone systems on the market? This video gives a simple explanation and may convince you to rethink your current wireless setup.

RODELink- Amazon

Curtis Judd review:

TubeShooterMag review:

RODELink- Best Practices

Are soldering fumes dangerous?

Is soldering smoke dangerous and can you get lead poisoning from soldering? This video will explain if there are lead fumes in solder smoke and describe some simple and economical ways to reduce the risk. Hear what Cathy has to say about the effects of these fumes over a long period of time.

Thanks to subscribers: 500

Thank you so much for your support. Our channel is slowly growing and with 500 subscribers now we are beginning to develop a small community of enthusiasts including musicians and audio buffs that are not satisfied with poor sound.  I really appreciate your comments and questions because it helps to make Simple Audio Tips a go to resource for easy to understand audio advice.

Periscope Skype and YouTube Live audio

Live streamingPeriscope and other broadcasting media like Skype and YouTube LIVE streaming need clear audio. You can improve your audio even when there is noisy traffic in the background by using a some equipment you most likely got when you purchased your phone.

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