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Making Sound Gear Easy to Understand

If you’re not a sound engineer or technician you may find it difficult to put together even a small audio system. www.SimpleAudioTips.com along with our companion You Tube channel will help you understand how to connect basic audio systems and make any needed adjustments to get the best sound possible from even economical equipment.

It can be very frustrating if performers have spend a lot of time practicing their parts for the big day and nobody gets to hear them. “Why is the sound so terrible” the school probably spent thousands of dollars on to latest equipment and you still can’t hear little sally and johnny singing in the front row. Most times the gear is just simply not setup correctly or hasn’t been adjusted for the best performance.

This website will help solve some of your audio frustrations and even teach you some simple installation tips to improve your knowledge and ability.

Audio equipment training

Audio equipment training

You’ll be amazed at how much difference you can make to the quality of your sound by applying some simple audio tips.

Make sure you subscribe to our You Tube channel so you can keep up to date with the latest videos and please, feel free to leave a comment.  We want to focus our videos as much as we can on the audio issues that the majority of you have.  If you have got any great ideas or tips of your own, make sure you let us know so we can share them around.

Zoom H5: Connecting Lav Mics | Adapters and Settings

Each input of the Zoom H5 has to be configured differently when connecting lav mics. In this tutorial I step you through each of the settings you need and explain why some adapters can destroy your expensive lav mics. Zoom H5 Recorder: https://geni.us/Zoom-H5Stereo Input Splitter Cable: https://geni.us/Stereo-to-Dual-MonoRode VXLR+ Adapter: https://geni.us/Rode_VXLR_PlusStandard XLR to 3.5mm Adapter: https://geni.us/XLR_to_3-5mm_Minijack

The tiny wireless mic that simply works | SmallRig Wave W1-C

Wireless mics today have so many functions and settings. Get them wrong and your audio recording can be very disappointing. SmallRig sent me this plug and play mic to review and I was quite surprised by its performance. https://geni.us/SmallRig_Wave_W1-CI highlight the features of each component, carry out a distance tests and even test it out […]

LENSGO TC7 Teleprompter | Setup for Mobile and DSLR cameras

In this video I highlight the pros and cons of purchasing this cheap teleprompter for under US$70. Link to check out your local pricing: https://geni.us/LENSGO_TC7I show you the parts included and how to set up for mobile and DSLR. Then test how good the teleprompter performs outside in bright sunlight. LENSGO TC7 Teleprompter

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