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Soldering with a few basic tools

Solder basic lead v3Is it really possible to repair your own audio leads with tools you’ve got lying around in the garage?  These are the tools that you need to be able to repair the audio lead. Work bench,  economical soldering iron,  resin core solder and s simple utility knife that you might even find in your office……



Simple Audio Tips via Social Media

Recent Instagram Post

Recent Instagram Post

Yes, in the age we live in it is difficult to avoid communicating via social media. No matter what form you choose, whether it be a Blog, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or the new Instagram all businesses in the main stream are using it.
Simple Audio Tips mainly relies on this Blog and YouTube to communicate tips and tricks for the installation of audio equipment. Over the next couple of months we will endeavor to discover what is the best compliment to this channel. If you communicate using one of these platforms it would be great to hear from you. Just simply search for us on your favorite platform and leave a comment.

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