How to Read a Microphone Polar Pattern

Microphone polar patterns can be nothing more than lines and squiggles on a page unless you understand what they mean. This short video makes it so easy by showing you how to
read them by using simple illustrations.

Sample microphone used- Shure SM58 Amazon Link


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Using Audio Adaptors | The 5 things you must know

Audio adapters seem to be a quick fix if you don’t have the right cable for a job. Is it ok to rely on these adapters. This video gives you an look inside the standard audio adapter to help you understand why it is important to think twice when choosing an audio adapter.

Building a Sound Desk | The five essentials

Would you like to improve sound desk? Check out my 5 essentials when planning a practical, user friendly sound equipment cabinet. Many conference halls and function rooms have sound equipment built into cramped and inaccessible cupboards or benches. Follow these 5 essentials and your sound cabinet will be easier to use and equipment easier to maintain.


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How to clean your microphone in a washing machine.

How does a RODE smartLav+ fair when put to a extensive moisture test? Don’t try this at home!

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RODELink- What makes it different?

Is the RODELink filmmaker kit any different from other wireless microphone systems on the market? This video gives a simple explanation and may convince you to rethink your current wireless setup.

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