Hi there and welcome to our website- Simple Audio Tips- Sound gear made easy to understand.

Simple Audio Tips will help you understand how to connect basic audio systems together and make any needed adjustments to get the best sound possible from even economical equipment.

There is such a lot of information on the internet and the amount is growing at an outstanding rate.  Finding the right information can be difficult, but then you have the issue of being able to understand what you find. Our goal is to simplify how sound gear works. Along with this we will try to assist the enthusiast to setup and tune the equipment they currently have and provide some guidance when the purchase of new equipment is needed.

Clear Instruction

Clear Instruction

You’ll be amazed at how much difference you can make to the quality of your sound by applying what you learn. Simple Audio Tips will help solve some of your audio frustrations and even teach you some simple installation tips to improve your knowledge and ability.

The instruction that you will find here is not a substitute to product user manuals, manufacturer recommendations or professional advice but simply a compliment to them.

Mixer sm

Mixer Desk


Some of the presentations demonstrate the basic setup of sound systems and also explain how you are able to use the gear so that you get the best sound possible. Even a simple item like a soldering iron can be difficult for those that have not used one before.

Equipment Reviews

From time to time we come across some equipment that is worthy of a review because it may be of interest to others.  Manufactures are continually coming up with variations to the gear that has been used for years and at times come up with inspirational changes to technology.

Simple Explanations

Simple Explanations

Simple Explanations

Have you even said to someone, “Just show me what I have to do”. You most likely have said this because if you don’t have an interest in a subject it can boar you to tears. Simple Audio Tips will make it a lot easier for you by presenting simple information that is easy to understand. By demonstrating by means of video you will find it a lot easier to grasp the meaning of many audio terms so that it will improve your own understanding of the subject at hand.

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