RODE VideoMic Pro Plus | Is it for YOU?

The new RODE VideoMic Pro Plus has some really cool upgrades.
The mic is fitted to both a Canon 80D and also a Sony RX10 and in this video I look at the new features but consider closely some of the issues raised by recent reviewers. This shotgun mic is setup on a boom for a lot of the dialogue and setup on the camera as you would use in the field.
VideoMic Pro Plus Amazon Link:

This video will make it very easy to decide if this new mic is for you. See time codes below:

The Build Quality: 1:06
Cable Socket: 1:55
Wind Screen: 2:50
Feature Upgrades: 3:14
Safety Track Explained: 4:52
Audio Testing and Quality: 6:41
Sony / Cannon input difference: 8:01
Audio Quality Summary: 9:40
Value for money: 10:33
Is it for YOU?: 11:26

Other microphone options:
VideoMic Pro R $249:
VideoMicro $59:
TAKSTAR SGC-598 $27:

Rode Newsshooter | Detailed review and audio testing

Hear for yourself how the Rode Newsshooter kit performs against our 5 point checklist using two dynamic, a condenser, a shotgun and a lavalier microphone. We examine the features, build quality, audio quality, ease of use and value for money.

Product Links
Rode Newsshooter Kit:
Rode Reporter Microphone:
Rode Lavalier Microphone:
Rode NTG4+:

XLR audio splitter cable for your DSLR | Turn one input into two

Limited to one audio input on your camera? In this video I’ll show you how to connect an XLR microphone to your camera by making a simple lead that will create two separate channels. With this lead you can connect another microphone to give you the option of a backup mic or second microphone for interviews.

Canon 80D:
RodeLink Filmmaker Kit:

Zoom H5 | Set-up as an Audio Interface

Setting up your Zoom recorder as an digital audio interface to improve the quality of your mobile phone recording. Many analogue inputs on mobile phones are quite noisy so using the digital input on the phone and taking advantage of the superior pre-amps on the latest Zoom recorders gives you an abundance of options to connect microphones.

For more information and pricing for the Zoom H5:

VideoMic Me- Will it work on my device?

Will the RODE VideoMic Me work on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Apple iPad Air? What about any Android mobile phone? This video gives you all you need to work out if it will function on your phone or tablet with out even plugging the micrphone into your device. There are three simple steps to follow. Details dimensions help you work out if the mic is going to still plug into your device even with the protective case attached. So easy!

RODE VideoMic Me:

Headset connection standard: CTIA-–_The_Wireless_Association

RODE VideoMic Me | Test and Review

A directional smartphone mic that is easy to carry and setup. This comprehensive video tests just how good this mic is under a variety of conditions. On the test bench, outdoors- with and without the windscreen and whether it is value for money.

RODE VideoMic Me:

If your mobile phone camera is close to the microphone input you would be better considering the items below:

RODE VideoMicro:
Smartphone Holder:
RODE SC7 adapter cable:
Thread adapter to connect the smartphone holder to the VideoMicro:

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